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How To Test My Internet Speed

Today a lot of ISP providing their services to the Internet users. Sometimes them are declaring one quality of their services and in a real life we are facing another reality.

If you facing the problems with your Internet speed, you can do Internet speed test for your connection. This test consists of three parts:

  1. Ping measure
  2. Download speed measure
  3. Upload speed measure

What Do Results Mean

Ping measure - the lower is better. High ping signals that there are big latencies between packets delivery in your providers network. It's like a bullet speed. Less time bullet need to reach the target than more powerful the shot.

Download speed measure - the higher is better. It signals how much data you are able to download from the Internet to your computer. It's like a car - if maximum speed is higher that faster you can reach the point.

Upload speed measure - the higher is better. It signals how much data you can upload from your PC to the Internet.

By doing the the test you need to understand several things

Do not forget to check internet speed after reading!

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